There are lots of companies that sell personal protection dogs, so when you are looking to buy one do your research, there are many amazing, reputable companies out there that sell personal protection dogs but also lots that should be avoided.

A good company that sells personal protection dogs will work with you to find you the perfect protection dog, one that suits you, your family, and your lifestyle.

When choosing the right personal protection dog, there are many factors to take into consideration, such as the breed of dog, their natural temperament, the size of the dog and the main thing being that they fit into your family lifestyle, and if you have other pets they need to be able to get along with them also and if you have children in the family, of course, the dog must be able to be around the children and protect them and become their best friend as well as protecting them and the house.

Personal protection dogs vary in price, they can start from £15,000 and go up to nearly £100,000, in this instance we would agree you do get what you pay for. The price will depend on the breed, their history, and the training they have received.

A good personal protection dog should make a good family pet as well as a protector and guarder of the family and the house that you live in.

Personal protection dogs are worth their weight in gold, they give peace of mind to you and your family that you are safe in your own home. Nothing quite beats the protection of a dog, especially a loyal, trained one. They can do more than a house alarm could ever do. And will certainly make an intruder or would-be attacker think twice before introducing or attacking.

The most popular dog breeds that are trained to be personal protection dogs are:

German Shepherd


Doberman Pinscher

Giant Schnauzer


These are just a few there are many more that are great personal protection dogs.

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