Magnetic Catches are used to keep doors shut without the hassle of fitting hinges. It gives you easy access to the pipework, the panel is pulled from the bottom, and should come off in one piece, this allows you full access to the work behind the panel and will not hinder the door when it is trying to open or close.

Kitchen Cupboards

Magnetic Catches can be used in several appliances, not just cupboards, they can be used indoor stops, fridges, and a few various surfaces.

A full range of magnetic catches would include clip in, surface mounted knock-in catches, touch latches and general purposes catches.

Another range of magnetic catches are magnetic door stops, these can be floor and wall-mounted magnetic stops that are used to hold open gates, doors, or panels in place. You will find magnetic door stops in a variety of day-to-day places such as public buildings, machinery, and sea going vessels. They help reduce vibrations, sudden acceleration and deceleration, and draughts.

Magnetic catches can come in a variety of finishes, including chrome, black, copper and can come in various strengths so if heavy-duty strength is needed there will be a magnetic catch to suit.

If you need help or advice. contact your local magnetic supplier who will be able to advise you on the best magnetic catches for what you require and supply you with the ones that will suit your needs. A sales and support team will be on hand to help you.