Derma Roller Therapy

Derma roller therapy is a new non-surgical skin regeneration procedure to help repair and restore the skin’s surface. This procedure uses tiny micro medical needle to improve skin damage from ageing, exposure to the sun, pigmentation, acne scars and stretch marks. It is particularly effective against fine lines and wrinkles.

How does derma roller therapy work?

The concept behind needling is that small amounts of damage to the skin can lead to stimulation of new collagen production. The needle breaks the skin and causes micro-trauma and micro inflammation. Your body responses by sending blood to the area of healing, as your skin repairs itself, new collagen builds up just below the surface. The wrinkles, lines or depressed scars may be plump from the bottom-up without the use of anything artificial. Repeated needling sessions may gradually as well as continually build new collagen which will fill in the treated areas.

Does derma roller therapy hurt?

Prior to treatment, a topical anaesthetic will be applied to help numb the skin. This will make the procedure more comfortable.

Are the results from the treatment immediate?

During the first few weeks after the derma roller therapy the skin may look brighter and more vibrant. After six to twelve months, you may notice reduced pigmentation and tightening of the skin. Overall results may improve over a few months.

Is any aftercare for derma roller therapy necessary?

Post recovery cream and high factor sun block is advised to protect the skin and maintain results. Also makeup can be applied shortly after the treatment.