Asian Cuisine

How Asian Cuisine Influences Modern Society

There are many different styles of Asian cooking available in our modern day society, easily available from the street markets providing you with great tasting spicy kebabs and pittas filled with spiced meat and vegetables, to the high end restaurant in your local town city centre serving up chicken masala flavoured with coconut and yoghurt to create a creamy curry sensation, or with and chillies to create a daring dish only for the brave. It has stretched it’s influence across many continents and countries, and always lives up to it’s reputation as a delicious food, to dine in on or take away.

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The Different Styles Of Asian Cooking

There are generally considered to be three types of Asian cuisine, from across many different cultures, across the many regions. The first to look into is what is known as ‘south eastern style’ foods, this includes the cities Indonesia, Thailand, Viet Nam as well as others. The main type of cooking used around these regions is that of boiling, steaming or stir frying, with the use of aromatics of the fresh variety such as citrus, mint and basil. The second type would be the ‘south western style’ style of Asian cooking, this is more the curries you are familiar with from the local take away or your go to ‘curry’ house. These mainly involve the use of peppers, strong spices and meats prepared in ghee to many different variations creating various curries, these are typically eaten with nan breads. The final part of this trilogy is the ‘north eastern style’ of preparations of foods. These typically use more in the way of fats, sauces and oils for the cooking procedures. This type of of cooking is seen as medicinal too among it’s own people.

Fusion Cooking

The recent trend in ‘fusion’ cooking is a reflection of how society has become more connected, bridging gaps between societies with the mix of styles of cooking to show connection to your fellow person. This has also become more popular due to the fact that it means you may try something you would never have before without the introduction of fusion cooking. If you are planning on having a celebration of some sort try the The H Suite, or just a few friends round the house, you may wish to try what is available out there in the way of Asian cuisine, you may just surprise your self and others.