Magnetic Catches

Magnetic Catches are used to keep doors shut without the hassle of fitting hinges. It gives you easy access to the pipework, the panel is pulled from the bottom, and should come off in one piece, this allows you full access to the work behind the panel and will not hinder the door when it is trying to open or close.

Kitchen Cupboards

Magnetic Catches can be used in several appliances, not just cupboards, they can be used indoor stops, fridges, and a few various surfaces.

A full range of magnetic catches would include clip in, surface mounted knock-in catches, touch latches and general purposes catches.

Another range of magnetic catches are magnetic door stops, these can be floor and wall-mounted magnetic stops that are used to hold open gates, doors, or panels in place. You will find magnetic door stops in a variety of day-to-day places such as public buildings, machinery, and sea going vessels. They help reduce vibrations, sudden acceleration and deceleration, and draughts.

Magnetic catches can come in a variety of finishes, including chrome, black, copper and can come in various strengths so if heavy-duty strength is needed there will be a magnetic catch to suit.

If you need help or advice. contact your local magnetic supplier who will be able to advise you on the best magnetic catches for what you require and supply you with the ones that will suit your needs. A sales and support team will be on hand to help you.

Hot Tapping – 5 Key Considerations

Hot tapping is a valuable service as it allows engineers to connect to service pipelines without having to shut down the whole system. This is a huge advantage as it avoids downtime on the pipelines and additional costs. Here are 5 key considerations that hot tapping engineers need to think about.

Commercial Hot Tapping

State of current pipeline

Before work is undertaken, engineers should always perform an audit to understand what they are working with and any additional hazards or risks to be aware of. Understanding the maximum operating pressure and the type/size of the pipe is important before the hot tapping process is started.

Following industry-standard requirements

Industry codes of practice give engineers a minimum standard to achieve for every part of the hot tapping process. Hot tapping must be performed in a safe and controlled way, considering the environment and any hazard risks.

Cost of performing a shutdown

Engineering companies should always consider the cost and impact of a potential shutdown of pipes in case of emergency or if the hot tapping attempt fails. This can be done by referencing previous costs or estimating by using a similar project costing.

Is hot tapping the best financial option?

Although in most cases hot tapping will be the most viable option financially,  it is key to account for all costs and compare that to a shutdown. The added costs of skilled engineers and hot tapping machines can make the cost creep up in some instances.

Using correct steel pipe fittings

When hot tapping on steel pipes, the fittings should be a welded branch connection However alternate techniques such as compression sleeves should be used in cases of cast iron, asbestos, cement and concrete.

hot tapping


Steel Fabrications

Steel fabrications are the creation of a metal structure, made by bending, cutting, and assembling. It is used to create machines, parts, tools, and structures form many different materials.

There are many different types of steel fabrications such as:










Steel fabrications are used to fabricate something from raw materials or something that is semi-finished, it is a process that is made rather than something that is assembled from ready-made parts.


The difference between welding and steel fabrication is the process. With welding you join pieces of metal, plastic, or glass, they must have a similar melting point and composition, they are fused by welding. Fabrication is a process that creates a metal product from scratch.


Four types of steel can be fabricated:



Stainless steel



The most used metal in the world for steel fabrications is Steel. It has over 3500 different grades and almost 2 billion tons of steel that is manufactured globally every single year.


The hardest steel in terms of tensile strength is tungsten, this is the strongest out of all of the natural metals, however, its impact strength is weak, it is a brittle metal that is well known to shatter on impact.

photo of gray high-rise building



Personal Protection Dogs

There are lots of companies that sell personal protection dogs, so when you are looking to buy one do your research, there are many amazing, reputable companies out there that sell personal protection dogs but also lots that should be avoided.

A good company that sells personal protection dogs will work with you to find you the perfect protection dog, one that suits you, your family, and your lifestyle.

When choosing the right personal protection dog, there are many factors to take into consideration, such as the breed of dog, their natural temperament, the size of the dog and the main thing being that they fit into your family lifestyle, and if you have other pets they need to be able to get along with them also and if you have children in the family, of course, the dog must be able to be around the children and protect them and become their best friend as well as protecting them and the house.

Personal protection dogs vary in price, they can start from £15,000 and go up to nearly £100,000, in this instance we would agree you do get what you pay for. The price will depend on the breed, their history, and the training they have received.

A good personal protection dog should make a good family pet as well as a protector and guarder of the family and the house that you live in.

Personal protection dogs are worth their weight in gold, they give peace of mind to you and your family that you are safe in your own home. Nothing quite beats the protection of a dog, especially a loyal, trained one. They can do more than a house alarm could ever do. And will certainly make an intruder or would-be attacker think twice before introducing or attacking.

The most popular dog breeds that are trained to be personal protection dogs are:

German Shepherd


Doberman Pinscher

Giant Schnauzer


These are just a few there are many more that are great personal protection dogs.

Personal Protection Dog

Pot Magnets

Pot magnets are special magnets, mainly used in the industry and known as industrial magnets. The magnetic core of a pot magnet is made up of neodymium and will be sunk into a pot which will intensify the force of said magnet, hence the name “Pot Magnets”.

There are four types of magnets:

Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB)


Samarium Cobalt (SmCo)

Ferrite Magnets


A pot magnet works with the help of a magnetic field by attaching itself to ferromagnetic materials or to non-ferromagnetic materials with the aid of fittings (such as threaded holes or studs) , the larger the force of the pot magnet the more material it can attract.


Pot magnets often have a centred borehole and a countersink which allows them to be screwed into the primer.

Pot magnets will come in various strengths, some have an adhesive force of up to 180kg. Even small pot magnets are very strong and can be used in model making and construction.

Pot magnets must be kept out of reach of children and electrical devices, even the small pot magnets can affect the function of electrical devices, some can even be destroyed by them. Also, people with a pacemaker or hearing aid should also avoid magnets in general.

Pot magnets will usually be stocked in various sizes and strengths and are suitable for a vast array of applications. They can also come with different mounting options. Just some of the pot magnets available are:

Car roof top magnets

Deep pot magnets

Pot magnets with countersunk mounting

Ferrite limpet pots

Pot magnets with studded threads

Pot magnets with internal threaded mounting

Pot magnets with threaded through hole

Pot magnets with through hole mounting

Shallow Pot Magnets

Ceiling magnets


Pot magnets can also come in different finishes such as chrome, zinc or nickel or can be finished in a paint finish in various colours.

Pot magnets




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